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Photo by David Mendoza

While we are all social distancing due to Coronavirus, several couples are working hard to postpone and re-envision events that were scheduled in the spring.  Me and my team have successfully worked with several clients to reschedule and replan several events that were planned for April and May. It has been an adventure, but as I look back on the past few weeks, I am heartened by the amazing people who work in the events industry and the hard work we’ve all done to make these celebrations continue.

I would like to share some of my advice for replanning or rescheduling an event.  Keep in mind, couples need to reschedule events for all sorts of reasons – not only a global pandemic.  Sometimes, couples need to postpone or replan due to economic reasons, natural disasters, an illness or family death, or other life situations that are outside of our control.  


Photo by David Mendoza

Here are a few things to keep in mind when postponing a wedding or event: 

  1. Postponing is not Cancelling.  People cancel their wedding when they don’t want to get married anymore.  Choosing to postpone (or re-envision) your big day is not a cancellation. You still love each other, you still want to get married, and you still want to celebrate (even if it’s in a new way).  
  2. When you are faced with the need to postpone, the first call should be to your planner.  Explain the situation. Explain where you are at. A good planner will listen to you and be ready to work alongside you to navigate the changes.  Don’t have a planner? Then the first call should probably be to your venue (or main vendor). 
  3. Before starting to call all of your vendors and make changes, remember: you chose to work with this people because you like them.  You respect their work, their businesses, and their personalities. Usually, these vendors are small business owners who are working hard to support their families and earn a living.  Approach each conversation with kindness, grace, and authenticity. Each vendor should do the same back. We’re all human.  
  4. Look at the cancellation policies in your contracts.  Some couples postpone due to a personal choice, others are forced to postpone due to outside circumstances (natural disaster, government regulations, etc.).  Each situation will be different. In some cases, vendors will asses a cancellation fee. In some cases, nonrefundable retainers will be applied to new contracts. Maybe both.  It is rare to receive your full nonrefundable retainer back (if you cancel all-together), as most vendors have been providing services throughout your planning process.  
  5. Keep in mind – if you are moving your event to the following year, several of your vendors may charge more for service in that year.  It makes sense – prices go up year after year, and if you are going to take a weekend in 2021, for instance, that precludes that vendor from taking on a new client that date.  Some vendors also have “re-plan fees” or other charges that cover the increased labor of moving an event.  
  6. Ask Questions.  Rather than assuming that you will get a full refund, that pricing won’t change, or that the vendor will be available on your new date, engage your team in a conversation.  If a vendor has a cancellation policy you don’t agree with, ask questions about it. Ask if they are willing to meet in the middle. Your team wants to work with you – so work to come to the best solution together.

Photo by David Mendoza

With the Coronavirus global pandemic, I’ve witnessed wedding planners, venues, hotels, hair and makeup artists, videographers, caterers, bands, DJs, photographers, rental companies, lighting companies, transportation companies, and more work with couples to find amazing solutions and keep events moving forward.  I’ve seen vendors pull-off some pretty amazing things to make things work for couples!

If you approach your rescheduling process with grace, openness, authenticity, and asking questions (rather than making demands), I’ve found that it will go much more smoothly. 


Photos by David Mendoza


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