I am getting married later this year – should I postpone my wedding due to Coronavirus?


I have had so many couples reach out to me (both my own clients and people through social media) reach out with questions about postponing events and whether or not they should plan on moving forward with their wedding day, given the current situation with COVID-19 and everyone on quarantine. 

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Friends, the first thing I want to say: Love is not Cancelled.  Regardless of when you get married, what government restrictions are in place, or what is happening in the world…nothing can cancel your love.  Your love story is happening. One day, you will tell your grandchildren about how your love survived the global pandemic of 2020.

The second thing I want to say (before going delving in to planning tips): each situation will be unique.  Each geographic location, each couple, each guest list – all of your weddings are different. This post is meant to be a general guideline (and my own personal thoughts) regarding postponements later this year – but you will need to work with your own team of vendors, your own families, and with your significant other to decide what is best for you and your wedding day.

Finally, before giving tips, I want to acknowledge that this post is being written from my perspective in April 2020. So, keep in mind – as the Coronavirus situation evolves, the right thing to do may evolve as well.  

So, with those three things being said, let’s get started…


Photos by Christianne Taylor and Josh Newton

If you are getting married in May 2020:
Odds are, you’ve already been talking with your planner and vendor team about backup plans.  Each situation will be unique. Me and my team chose to move our May events to later this year.

If you are getting married in June 2020: 
If you haven’t already, I recommend setting up a call with your planner to talk about backup plans.  If you don’t have a planner, call your venue (or your vendor who is helping you most in the process) to ask about their policies.  While we don’t know what everything will be like in June, seeing as it’s just two months away, I recommend having a strong backup plan in place.  This way, as the situation evolves, you won’t need to feel panicked if restrictions on gatherings continue.

If you are getting married in July – December 2020: 
All of us are hoping and praying that this situation is resolved (or less intense) as the year progresses.  As a planner, I’ve been encouraging my couples getting married later this year to:

  1. Continue with their plans moving forward.  We have the gift of time right now. Unlike several spring weddings that needed to postpone and change plans very quickly, Summer and Autumn couples have a couple months before any decisions need to be made.  The situation has evolved rapidly and each week the news is evolving. The best thing you can do if your wedding is later this year: wait and see how things go over the next several weeks.
  2. While being optimistic and hoping to move forward, it’s also imperative that we act pragmatically.  We don’t want to rush and make any decisions based in fear. None of us make good decisions when we are operating solely in fear.  So, with that in mind, set-up a meeting with your planner (or venue/main vendor) to talk about a contingency plan. You don’t need to sound the alarm, alert all your vendors, or create a detailed backup plan.  Rather, at this point, I recommend having a high-level conversation about what a backup plan may look like for you. If restrictions are in place, will you postpone? Will you have a more intimate celebration and then a larger party at a later date?  Without making any final decisions, have an open, honest, practical conversation about your ideal “Plan B” should the situation evolve. 
  3. Establish a practical timeline with your team.  Look at when your next big payments are due. In general, I am recommending couples check in with their team regarding a Plan B (or moving forward with Plan A) at 60 days out.  This is typically when invitations are going out, when some of your final balances are due, and when we really start moving full speed ahead towards your big day. Again, each venue/team/couple will be different, but in general, if you are getting married in September, my recommendation would be to wait to make any decisions regarding postponements until July.  

Photo by Christianne Taylor

My main advice: don’t make a decision now because you are afraid.  Take the time to see how the situation evolves, to pragmatically discuss your Plan B, and to embrace the fact that while none of us are in control, we can control our own actions and our own love stories.

All of the weddings after restrictions are lifted are going to be so EPIC.  Everyone is going to be so excited to GATHER and CELEBRATE. I can’t wait to be a part of them! 


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