Tips for Getting Married in an Outdoor, Non-Traditional Wedding Location


Outdoor weddings in unique places have been all the rage, and I’m here for it.  I love building-out a beautiful event and designing every single detail, from the flooring to the lighting, from the ground up.  With engagement season in full swing and thousands of couples seeking the perfect place to host their wedding, here are my 5 tips to think about when selecting a non-traditional, outdoor wedding venue.

  1. What do I need to bring?.  Each venue is different – some need flooring, water, bathroom trailers, a full kitchen build-out, lighting, dumpsters, a generator, safety lighting and shuttles for guests…and that’s before you even start thinking about design!  Chat with your planner so that you know all of the infrastructure items your venue will need, so that you walk into your planning process with a clear understanding of your budget.
  2. What’s the Weather Like?  While Greenhouses are stunning venues, they also do their job (heat things up).  So, if you are getting married in a greenhouse (or in a field with a clear-top tent), you may want to avoid hot summer months. Or, if you are looking at an ocean bluff location, chat with the venue about the wind, rain, etc. so you can choose a time of year that works best for that location.  
  3. What’s the access like?  If you are building an event from the ground up, then you will need trucks to come in and out of the venue with ease so that each vendor can efficiently (and safely) do their jobs.  While certain venues may have stunning views, they are hard to get to – and that can significantly impact your production schedule.  
  4. Has the venue hosted a wedding before?  While I am always super excited to work somewhere new and fresh, at any venue, the first couple of events are a learning process.  There are some things you just learn with time and experience.  If you are considering a newer venue, keep in mind that the venue is still in a “learning process” — keep communication clear, consistent, and ask questions.
  5. Be Flexible.  When you are getting married outside or in a nontraditional space, while we can plan in great detail, we can’t control the weather.  Sometimes we plan an entire wedding in a cool spring month and end up having a super hot day (or the opposite is also common – a cold day in the middle of the summer!).  Having a solid team supporting you (from the planner to the shuttle drivers, and everyone in-between) will ensure that any little thing that comes up will be handled with peace, joy, and flexibility.  ​

The team that made it all happen…
Coordinator/Florist: Tyler Speier
Venue: Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm 
Rentals: The Tent Merchant
Photographer:  Gin and July 
​DJ: Music By Bonnie
Hair: Love Laura Rocha
Makeup: 805 Makeup
Bride Gown Designer: Georgie by Madewithlove 
Groom Suit Designer: Suit Supply


  1. It’s good to know how we’d plan an outdoor wedding and choose the right season for ours. Next week, we’d like to start planning our wedding, and we loved the idea of getting married in an outdoor location, so we’ll read your tips very carefully. Thank you for the insight on avoiding summer months if we’re getting married in a field with a clear-top tent.

  2. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that a clear-top tent should only be used when it is not the summer season or when the weather is not hot. I will keep that in mind because it just seems aesthetically nice to find event tent rentals with that kind of top. Then we can have various flowers surrounding the area which can make us feel like we are all in a greenhouse.

  3. A few weeks ago, we got engaged, and we’re very excited to start working on planning our wedding. It really helped when you elaborated on asking if a venue has hosted an outdoor wedding before booking it. We’ll follow your post to help us find the perfect venue for our fall wedding.

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