5 Focal Points in your Wedding Design


As I work with each couple, I try and choose five (or more) key focal points that we focus on in their design.  By putting a little extra time and effort (and creative energy) into these items, I find the entire design is elevated and gives more of a “wow” factor.  

  1. The Bride’s Bouquet.  Now, this may be an unpopular wedding opinion, but all the other personal flowers (bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.) don’t actually make a huge visual impact on your wedding design.  However, the bride’s bouquet is in the center of every photo and says a lot about the bride and her style.  Make the bouquet unique, special, and full.  
2.The Wedding Arch (or ceremony focal).  Yes, I love flower aisles.  Yes, I love large urns with flowers on welcome drink tables, etc.  I pretty much just love flowers everywhere.  But, one of the most important floral arrangements on your wedding day will be the one that frames you when you say “I Do” – that’s the heart of your wedding anyways, right?  From a lush arch with florals to a low grounded arrangement and everything in between, spend extra time (and allocate your budget accordingly) to make your ceremony a “wow” moment for you and your guests.
3.The Head Table (or Sweetheart Table).  This is where you will eat your first meal as a married couple.  I love incorporating a large statement floral piece to the head table design – from a hanging arrangement to a flower wall behind the table, a suspended arrangement to extra candles and flowers, make that table shine as a focal point from all the other tables.
4.Escort Cards. Everyone will need to find their seat before dinner, and a lovely, well-thought-out escort card display will make the transition from cocktails to dinner feel even more festive!
5.The Bar.  Everyone visits the bar.  So make it beautiful.
Now, I could go on with all the other fun places to make your design count (lounges, dessert, guest dining tables, etc.), but I’ve found that by focusing on the five items above, the rest of the design naturally falls into place. 

The Team that made it all happen…
Coordinator/Florist: Tyler Speier
Venue: Private Estate 
Photographer: Amber Jean Photography
Videographer: Peter & Bridgette

Rentals: The Tent Merchant
​Draping at Church: Bella Vista Designs
Bride’s Fashion: Martina Liana, Lilli Bridals 


  1. Thank you for sharing this wedding design. I’m glad I came upon this blog. I had a great time reading this.

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