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Sporting Events

You know, there are so many reasons why hosting a sporting event on your destination wedding weekend is an absolute gamechanger – pun intended! First and foremost, it adds an element of fun and excitement to your special weekend. It’s an incredible opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between your loved ones. Plus, it offers a chance for everyone to let loose, embrace their competitive spirit, and cheer each other on. Another reason is that it provides a fantastic icebreaker for guests who may not know each other well. Nothing brings people together quite like a little friendly competition and a shared love for sports. 

As an event planner, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a sporting event on a destination wedding weekend can establish connections and foster new friendships that last long after the celebration is over. And let’s not forget the stunning backdrop that destination weddings often provide – whether it’s a pristine beach, a picturesque vineyard, or a breathtaking mountain setting. 

This pickleball tournament at one of our Destination Weddings in Napa was such a fun way to kickoff the wedding weekend!

Images by Jodee Debes

Shopping Experiences

Instead of traditional wedding favors or welcome amenities, we’re loving the “Wedding Shopping Experience” trend – where guests get to “shop” for the amenities curated by the couple. From favorite snacks to practical weekend getaway amenities,  this is a fun design opportunity to showcase local flavors and products.   Not only is this a fun, interactive experience to include in your welcome party or wedding, but it gives the guests the opportunity to only take the items they would actually like to keep, helping to reduce waste.  A beautiful display also creates another design focal for the celebration. 

Image by Paul Von Rieter

Custom Bars

Here’s the thing:  every one of your guests will visit the bar (multiple times) throughout your wedding celebration.  So, make it count!  We love custom bar designs that elevate the wedding experience for your guests.  

Image by Dear Lovers


is in.  We love it for after parties, welcome parties, and just about anywhere you want to sparkle. 

We produced an incredible “Sparkle and Shine” Zoofari Fundraiser for the Santa Barbara Zoo, complete with over 2,000 disco balls, full sized pepper trees, and all the tropical greens.  Guests entered the space through a black velvet tunnel to reveal a beautiful dance floor installation (including teardrop disco balls) and all the sparkly black and white details. 

Image by James and Jess

Unique Entertainment

Having unique entertainment at your wedding reception can make your special day unforgettable for you and your guests. It’s a great opportunity to spark conversations and create shared experiences. Here are some ideas for unique entertainment that can take your reception to the next level: Add an unexpected element like dancers, acrobats, or a magician to create a more dynamic performance. Create a cozy atmosphere with a cigar lounge, where guests can relax and enjoy a fine cigar, hand rolled at the event. Ultimately, the options are endless. Get creative, think outside the box, and make sure to choose unique entertainment that reflects your personalities, preferences, and wedding style. Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into making your special day unforgettable.  

Image by Jodee Debes


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