The Wedding Plan Episode 8: Instagram Deep Dive


This is episode eight of The Wedding Plan. You can also listen on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, where you can follow the show so you don’t miss an episode!

– Social Media is a powerful Tool (1:24)
– Brief overview of the Instagram Platform (5:20)
– Sharing Content starting Tuesday of a Wedding week (7:30)
– Wednesday Anticipation (10:15)
– Thursday Production (12:30)
– Friday Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Party (13:47)
– Sharing Sneak Peeks without spoiling the surprise (14:08)
– Behind the Scene videos (15:18)
– Saturday Wedding (17:50)
– Tagging people and expanding your audience (22:18)
– Monday – sharing days of rest (25:46)
– Stories when we don’t have Weddings (26:16)
– Repurposing content from events for Reels (27:14)
– Posts for the Grid (30:15)
– Make sure to give vendors credit (31:00)
– Be Social.. People feel connected when you are responsive (31:28)
– Be Authentic (33:20)


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