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Hey everyone,

Wedding season is in full swing! We are up to our ears in flowers, emails, timelines and walkthroughs…I love my job! One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to collaborate with a bride and groom to create beauty. It is so much fun to take a space and completely transform it–to give it the “wow factor,” and to create an event that the bride, groom and guests won’t forget.

But I have to tell you…my love for weddings goes way beyond the creative design aspect. One of the best parts of being a wedding designer and coordinator is getting to witness some of the most raw and genuine moments between people in love.

So, while I hope you get as excited as I do over creating beautiful details on your wedding day, here are some of my favorite moments that you can consider incorporating into your wedding day. I guarantee that you will not forget these moments!

take it all in

Step away from your reception for a few moments and be together as husband and wife. Take it all in — let your photographer follow along and capture your first moments as newlyweds. 

create a keepsake

So much of what is created on a wedding day is temporary. Set aside time before your big day to write your bride or groom a heartfelt note. This will let them know that you are thinking about them, and create a treasured keepsake.

be open

Whether it’s in your vows, your toasts, or whispered words as you have your first dance together — be open. Allow yourself to feel the deep joy and excitement of getting married, whether that brings roars of laughter or causes you to shed a tear. 

take moments with your loved ones

Honor the people that have helped you get to this place in your life. Take a moment with your mom and dad, take that picture with grandma, share that dance with your sibling, honor the person that’s passed away. 

While all the fun details are so fun (and contribute to the overall event experience), taking in everything as a couple, honoring the people you love, personalizing little keepsakes, and being genuine/open will make your day so much more meaningful.  It’s so important to remember WHY we celebrate weddings in the first place – to celebrate love, family, a new chapter, and being together.  

Image Credits:
1. Molly Magee Photography
2 & 3. Jodee Debes Photography
4. Willa Kveta Photography


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