De-Mystifying the Dress Codes


Black Tie

Wear a tuxedo or a formal, floor-length paired with formal footwear, jewelry, a clutch, etc.

Above image by Dear Lovers, below image by Jodee Debes.


Formal or Black-Tie Optional

Slightly less formal than Black Tie, so a tuxedo is optional but a suit can also be worn with a tie.  Formal, floor length gowns are encouraged but a fancy cocktail-length dress or dressy pantsuit is also acceptable.

Below image by James and Jess.


Wear a suit or tea-length, knee-length, or midi dress.  Look classy and polished, but nothing overly fancy.

Below image by Jodee Debes.

Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual

Wear a dress shirt and slacks (tie and sports coat optional) or shorter dresses (nothing floor-length).

Below image by James and Jess.



Typically indicates the event will be in an outdoor setting or on the beach.  Wear lighter slacks and a collared shirt or a shorter dress (summer sundress is fine) with less formal footwear (sandals, flats, etc.). 

Concept or Themed

Rising in popularity, more and more couples are opting to choose a theme for their guests at one or more of the weekend events.  For instance, you can have “Cocktail Attire’ But ask guests to wear all-white (or have a specific color palette). Or, if you are having a themed event, you can ask guests to dress in a certain style or era (Gatsby, Hawaiian, Bold and Colorful, etc.).  

Above image by Dear Lovers.

Don’t Forget…What’s Practical?

In addition to suggested attire, be clear if there are any venue-specific requirements.  For instance, if your wedding is outdoors, you can encourage guests to bring a warm jacket or wrap for after sunset.  Or, if you are at a ranch or in a more natural setting, you can encourage people to wear shoes appropriate for the outdoors, such as wedges, block heels, or flats.

Above image by Jodee Debes.

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