Advice for Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

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The team of vendors you choose to support you on your wedding day matters. Each one matters.

I like to break vendors into two categories: Ones that will be present and working alongside you on the big day, and ones that will be supporting prior and after the big day.  



When choosing vendors who will be working alongside you and physically present at your wedding (including your photographer, videographer, planner, officiate, hair and makeup artists, musicians, etc.), it’s so important to not only book them for their talent, but also for their personalities.  You will be surrounded by a team of people on your big day, and you want to actually enjoy being with them!  We all have different personalities and styles.  If you love a vendor’s work but don’t connect with their personality, they are probably not the right fit for you. 



When choosing vendors who will not be interacting with you as much on your big day itself  (rentals, lighting, transportation, etc.), personality still matters!  Ask your planner or other vendors about who they love to work with.  Having a cohesive team behind-the-scenes matters just as much as the team you are personally interacting with.

 When lining up the right vendor team for any given event, our team looks at:


1. Actual work (product, service, etc.)

2. Pricing (and if it makes sense within our client budget)

 3. Reviews from past clients

4. And most importantly, reviews from other vendors.  Vendors see all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a big day, so a referral from a vendor is a great indicator that someone can perform in front of clients and also do a great job behind-the-scenes.


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