3 Things Event Professionals Can Work on While Events are on Hold due to Coronavirus


This spring, I’ve had so much time to reflect on where I’ve been, where we are now, and where we are going.  While I’m missing being “in the field,” producing beautiful events and traveling around the world to partner with some amazing companies, I’m thankful for the time I’ve had at home.  And thankful for the time I’ve had to really invest on the “back-end” of my business.
I’ve had a “never-ending” To-do list for years.  I’ve always wanted to re-do my accounting system, work with an HR professional to “tighten” up my employee practices, and re-visit the systems I have in place in my business.  As entrepreneurs, we often don’t have the luxury of taking time away from the craziness of life to really invest administrative time into our companies.  During wedding season, our main focus is bringing amazing events to life, supporting our clients who are getting married in the coming months, and bringing on new clients as they inquire.  And even during the off season, we are often focused on marketing strategies, corporate projects, networking, and preparing for the year. 
With COVID-19 shutting down life as we know it, it has definitely been really challenging.  There have been some really hard days.  But, there have also been some really good, productive days.  I am confident that when I look back on this time, I will see how me, my family, my team, and my business came out stronger. 
Here are some of the things that I’ve been focusing on.  If you are a fellow event professional reading this, some of these may apply to you, and some may not, but I hope you can find some inspiration on things you may want to work on! 

  1. Brand Check.  Google Yourself! See what comes up.  Are you consistent across all social media platforms and web profiles?  Me and my team went through all of the search results to ensure our profiles were up-to-date.  There were several profiles on various wedding websites that I hadn’t looked at in years – we went through and updated our images, videos, and text to ensure our brand was consistent across a web search.   
  2. Work on your Internal Admin Systems: Contracts, Accounting, Payroll, Employee Documents, Internal Policies, etc.  I went through each folder I have on my computer and ensured they are organized.  I deleted files I didn’t need, made sure other files were properly labeled and categorized, and work on administrative tasks that I seem to never have time for.  This part isn’t the most fun, but having a strong system in place on the back-end leads to a much smoother workflow on the front-end.   
  3. Dream!  I’ve had specific two ideas floating around in my mind for over a year, but I’ve kept them on the back-burner since I didn’t have time.  Well friends, we have the gift of time.  I’ve been intentionally setting a timer and working on these ideas every work day for a set amount of time (or more, if I feel inspired).  It can sometimes take a lot of work to bring a new idea, a new business, or a new model to life.  Invest the time now while you have it to dream about your next big steps – so when things open up again, you are ready to achieve that dream.
Every event professional has lost clients and income during this crazy time.  It’s ok to grieve those losses.  I had some wedding designs in particular (and three international trips planned) that I was especially proud of and excited about.  Those are all delayed at this time, and even when they happen in the future, they may look differently.  Rather than be stuck in the loss, invest this time to build your future.  Make it better.  Make it what you want it to be. Make your dreams a reality.  We have the gift of time right now…make it count.


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